A significant part of my Real Estate Practice consists of various services beyond that of the conventional Buying/Selling process. My career experiences, continuous professional development/studies and services path have afforded me the opportunity to develop a scope and depth of knowledge that offer added utility and value to a variety of real estate related endeavors.  We’ve defined these serviceable areas in the following way:

Portfolio Analytics:

As an Owner of Real Property much of what determines the subject’s investment value is determined by the manner in which the Portfolio-Mix is maximized. Whether from the vantage point of economic, yield, tax, use, utility or trending effects a periodic review of these, and possibly other, strategic issues provide a valuable insight as you perfect your strategic planning.

Market Valuations:

Whether as part of one’s estate planning process or financing/equity management Clients often have use for a Market Valuation of their holdings. Though by no means the equal of a professional appraisal this type of Valuation still considers market trends and attributes similar to those used by an Appraiser. Still, it must be understood that our Service is NOT an Appraisal as the valuations we prepare do not conform to the format and detail consistent with Federal Lending and the Appraisal Industry Guidelines and an attempt to do so would be outside the scope of our licensable activities. Ours is an Opinion of Value vs. a Statement of Value.

Legislative/Policy Development:

Over the last thirty years Mr. Greco has written extensively on various issues having broad topical reach. The foundational relevance is routinely based, at its core, on Fiscal/Financial aspects which then quickly translate over to specific policies relating to Economic, Banking, Industrial, Resource, Real Estate and Financial Markets each with a nexus to Trade and Foreign Policy matters. Mr. Greco continues, thru "The Imperfect Messenger Foundation", to be a contributing source for both Domestic and Non-Domestic contacts.  

Litigation/Arbitration Support:

On the occasion where disputes arise from a Real Estate Transaction Counsel often requires authoritative reference/support throughout the legal process particularly in the area of Broker/Agent practices of licensed/unlicensed activities, Agent Contract Disputes/Practical Interpretations, Professional Fitness/Scope issues and Disclosures conflicts.

Each of these serviceable areas are accompanied by a fee minimum and hourly billing rate available upon request.